Take your product development
to the next level with our
trusted prototype pcb assembly services

    Are you looking to elevate your product development process? At SNA Electronics, we offer reliable and high-quality prototype PCB Assembly services.

    Trust in our 25+ years of experience

    • Competitive pricing for medium and High volume in the Bay Area.
    • Services

    + Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

    + Box, Chassis, and System Assembly

    + Quick-Turn Prototype

    + High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

    • Engineering

    At SNA Electronics, we provide value-added engineering support to meet our customers’ requeriments.

    • Testing

    SNA Electronics offers end-to-end testing solutions tailored to your product goals. Our test engineering team supports customers across a wide range of technologies.

    • Material Management

    With our sophisticated Material Requieriments Planning (MRP) system, SNA Electronics excels in material control.

    Ready to take your product development to new heights? Contact us now to explore how our prototype PCB assembly services benefit your business.