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SNA Electronics provides value added engineering support to our customers to meet their requirements by utilizing our engineering team that has extensive knowledge and experience in electronic manufacturing services. Our engineering team well understands the key factors of manufacturing processes related to quality, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design and layout, manufacturing ability, reliability, and testing.  Therefore, we can analyze problems and find the solutions for our customers to implement efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

SNA Electronics has the following capabilities for Engineering services :

  • Manufacturing Ability Review : Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Review
  • PCB Design and Components Application Review
  • Workmanship Standard Review
  • Optimization of Manufacturing Processes and Operations
  • Machine Program and Set-up
  • Process Control with data and record control
  • Manufacturing Process Instructions
  • Documentation Control with ECN (Engineering Change Notice/Order) and Deviation
  • Quality Report for Inspection and Testing